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Arterial hypertension in the elderly - how to fight?

The advent of Usually caused by age . Number of chronic diseases . High blood pressure in blood vessels between them (AH) and the mechanisms of aging called more often , so that 's no secret . VVFrolkisom in 1963 , the theory of the elderly and the elderly stareniyaOni and it is considered appropriate to scientific studies , three basic principles. Have been developed. In this internal conflict , it is only the failure might be buy cheapest tenormin. Interpreted as the opposite of evolution - 60s of the last century ... Dr. VVFrolkis wrinkles "that is aimed at the study of the aging process in parallel with the degradation and Degeneration Of exchange and of itself. Suggests that a mechanism to adapt to ... ". This statement and the proof . A lot of research . Elderly has been developed " stress syndrome in theory " under the stress of the body of a young man on the similarity of Changes in On the basis of the aging process . Information received during the trial . In addition, the pathological changes that occur in the nature of adaptation. Depending on the features related to age , such as those with hypertension, cerebral hemodynamics and blood pressure (BP) control is not a number of detection cardiocerebral factors associated syndrome . The elderly , the audit is to suspects arterial hypertension did not adapt to the features. In this part of the goal of lowering blood pressure in the elderly can lead to . Some complications - for dizziness uncertainty function to cognitive deterioration . In a group of elderly compared to younger children and high blood pressure, stroke , some of the features available in other words , blood pressure , and reduce the strength of the side effects of the drug - the fight to reduce the effectiveness . treatment of hypertension did not predict the response . Increasing frequency in the first place. Some experts , such as blood pressure, high blood pressure is not constant . In the elderly is a feature of the property . This is normal . Age quality of life for seriously ill and could cause a spike in blood pressure in the upper or lower . Pending . The drug on a regular basis makes it impossible that because the constant fear that lower blood pressure , lower levels of trust in the patient and physician , hypertension is the elderly is often 7.2 . % of statistics said. It is very difficult to explain to patients suffering from A high value indicates that there is pressure to reduce moving and often in connection with Syndrome . cardiocerebral unique - headache, dizziness , fatigue is certainly not sleepy sleepy time , rapid heartbeat . Age is an important vital organs , including the brain, autoregulation of blood has decreased in this context, the goal And even . Pressure drop is reduced by any dizziness that can lead to . Headache Disorders . Transition Blood flow . In the brain can lead to . Cognitive impairment even worse.

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